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When I grew up as a swimmer and even more so when I studied and became a Swimming Teacher, I truly understood the importance of technique for this sport.


A correct technique is what will make us be more efficient swimmers and that will allow us to improve our performance with less effort and with a faster and more comfortable swim.


That is, we not only need to train, but we must do it with good technique to really be efficient and improve.

For several years I have been organizing swimming clinics in pools and lagoons, where I constantly have had the possibility of analysing different swimmers. From this great experience I was able to realize that technique is the weakest point of most of them.
For this reason, my Technique Analysis proposal is based on a personalized monitoring of the technique of each swimmer, where I will be able to observe through the videos that you send me ("Distance" mode) or directly, the aspects to improve to be able to signal them, explain the possible causes, and provide specific exercises to improve them.


You send me your video, I analyze your technique, I give you a written and video call feedback of your current technique situation, we talk about your aspects to improve and I give you tools and specific exercises to correct those weak points!


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