I always enjoyed and liked to share my experiences and learnings with diverse audiences, such as schools, companies, clubs, etc.

And something that fundamentally led me to this interest in becoming a lecturer and giving talks, was precisely the realization that the vast majority of my sports experiences serve me daily and are tools to solve life situations in general, which allowed me to empathize with the various sectors and their audiences.


For this reason, my talks and conferences are based precisely on personal experiences that I continue to accumulate while I walk the path that led me to be crowned 5 times World Open Water Champion.


The bases of my conferences are the values that I seek to transmit through my stories, such as effort, work, perseverance, resilience, teamwork, self-confidence, the importance of adaptability, leadership, among others.


The talks and conferences usually last between 45 and 50 minutes and are adapted to the approach that the institution wants to give and the values that it wants to highlight. Although my talks have a standard format, then they can be adapted to the specific requirements of each occasion.

Thanks to all the companies, clubs and schools that have chosen me to share my stories with their people !!!


If you are interested in my public speakings for your company, club, school, institution, etc., do not hesitate to contact me.