Train with me remotely!!


No matter where in the world you are from, you can have your monthly swim training plan designed specifically for you!


We will do an initial interview, in Spanish or English, to get to know each other, we will set the objectives, you will receive your plans weekly throughout the month and of course I will monitor your technique.


I was always a lover of what processes imply, that is, preparing for something, for a goal! Be it an amateur competition or to develop a healthy lifestyle through physical activity! (fitness / health).


Throughout all these years I have had different coaches. If we are looking to improve performance or if we are simply looking to have a plan to be able to execute during the week, we need to have a personalized planning that is aligned with our objective, our available time and our conditions.


For all these reasons I have designed this Monthly Personalized Planning proposal for all those people who want to have their monthly swimming routine as well as for those amateur athletes who want to improve their times and give shape to their workouts!

I look forward to accompanying you on your aquatic tours!