«Come swim with me» is a space that I created to share my experiences based on not only my technical and practical knowledge that sport has provided me as a professional swimmer, but also my academic training (I am a Swimming Teacher).
It is an activity that I thought for swimmers, triathletes or for those who just enjoy swimming, regardless of their age or level, since it is designed in a way that everyone can do it. In fact, for many of those who have participated in the lagoon encounters it has been their first experience in open water and for me it was a great joy to have shared that moment with them.
Also for the little ones I designed the «Come and swim with me Kids» that specifically covers the ages between 6 and 10 years old in initial level with the activities adapted for their age.
These meetings that last between 4 and 5 hours are held both in lagoons and in club pools, in both cases having a similar format, which includes:
- Introduction of the participants
-Talk about technical aspects of open water
-Practice in the lagoon / pool
-Observation of individual technique
-Stretching / Elongation session
-Motivational talk
-Space for doubts and questions
-Kit for participants
For more info on the next date of «Come and swim with me», or if you are interested in having me go to your club's pool, send me an email to